Just as your spine and bones are the structure that supports your body, your beams, joists and sills are the structure that supports your home. A weak structure threatens your entire home, just like weak bones threaten the health of your body.

Others in the building trades have not learned our techniques. They might want to totally re-pour your foundation and totally replace the beams and joists in your home. This is very costly in both time and money! Where will you live in the meantime? Why go through this disruption of your life? Why pay for all this work to be done!

Our approach is far less radical and costly. Think of Walt Murphy as a surgeon who diagnoses your home's structural problems and prescribes a cure. As a surgeon would go in and remove the diseased part of the body, Mr. Murphy removes the damaged part of your home's structure. He then grafts in replacement sections, constructed of the strongest, most up-to-date material available today.

This saves you money!

This saves you time!

Why disrupt your life?

Let us help you save time and money!

You will know what needs to be done and why. You will be informed every step of the process so that you will fully understand why we are doing each procedure. You will maintain control of your home. That's only right!

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